Windows Media Center with Two Anysee E30 DVB-C boxes, one Card, on Welho

While I didn’t really hit problems as such, the setup did take a while.

So, my environment:

  • Windows Media Center 7
  • Anysee E30 DVB-C USB digital tuner box, 2 of them (!)
  • One programme card for Welho (ohjelmakortti) with the ”free” HD channels included, and the pay channel MTV3 MAX.

Setup Anysee tuners as you normally would, use the latest versions from

Setting up Anysee CNO for Welho:

Check the frequency list at Welho.

Export CNO Cable frequency list (CNO Settings, Cable, EDIT, Export) to a TPL file.

Update the export file with the missing frequencies. You only need the frequency (add ”000”, and Modulation: choose the right group in the file)

Media Center: do a fresh setup of the TV tuner, using ”Antenna”.

Note: Not doing a fresh setup (just searching for more channels) can lead to problems with changing frequencies of channels. Also, it seems to collect a long list of tuners into channel details.

To setup the program guide to show Finnish information instead of Swedish on YLE channels:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Settings\MCE.GlobalSettings
systemLanguage = fin

Restart and reload the guide information. Via windows-7-media-center-tv-guide.

Setting up the channels to correctly support one programme card (ohjelmakortti). I only have one card, but each Anysee E30 Tuner needs a card to decode a protected channel. The other tuner does not have a card.

Edit each protected channel, in my case: the 4 HD channels, and MTV3 MAX channels.

  1. Edit channel: TV, Guide, Channel name, Edit Channel
  2. Edit Sources
  3. Remove the checkmark from the Tuner that does not have a programme card
    The tuners are something like:
    anysee BDA Digital Tuner(MCE DBC-C) #1
    anysee BDA Digital Tuner(MCE DBC-C) #2
  4. If not sure, try either and test if the channel is visible after saving
  5. Save
  6. Save
  7. Repeat for other channels

This should allow Media Center to use the correct tuner for the protected channels, and use either tuner for the rest of the channels.

Media Center may still fail in some situations, like when starting to record a normal channel with the tuner that has the programme card, and then the second viewing/recording channel is protected. But it’s still as good as it can be with these tuners.

Note: too bad Cable HD Ready is not available for PC’s. I like my Media Center, and would hate to have to get a separate box to be able to view and record encrypted HD channels. I guess my money is no good to them…

Windows 7 Pinned Sites Icons with IE9

If the pinned site does not have a favicon, you only get the generic ”e” icon. And the properties dialog does not provide any way to change the icon. (It used to, during the beta test.)

To set an icon for your pinned IE9 website:

  1. Create your .ico file.
    Paint.NET with IcoCur.dll works great, .ico files with merged sizes 64×64, 32×32, 16×16 seem to work fine.
  2. Open the relevant .website file in a text editor
    The folder is: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar
  3. Add two icon values to [InternetShortcut]
    URL=<the url>
  4. Save, log out, log in
  5. Enjoy your new icon

Some notes:
I didn’t test different icons sizes that much. I use .ico files with merged copies for 64x64x32, 32x32x32, 32x32x8, 16x16x32, 16x16x8.


The new google+ looks so cool, I’ll point my domain to it.
It works great as an active homepage for me.

Hello WordPress

Jahas, blogilla on nyt uusi koti. Live Space lopettaa, ja WordPress imaisi blogin näemmä aika kivuttomasti omaan palveluunsa.

Näyttää kivalta.

Eipä tänne ole tullut aikoihin oikein kirjoiteltua – Facebook hoitaa päivittäiset jutut tosi hienosti, mutta tänne voisi kyllä alkaa laittamaan hieman pitkäkestoisempaa asiaa. Facebookin jutut hautautuvat niin kamalan nopeasti.

Message your future self with your calendar

There are services that allow you to send email and phone messages to you future self. Lets see if we can keep it simple:
Write your thoughts in a calendar entry that is several years in the future. Say 5, 10, or 20 years.
Entries should be safe there, as long as you keep synchronizing your calendar to newer systems.

Nokia phones and the S60 platform problems

I really like my new Nokia E71. It’s solid hardware and works generally really well.
But when I first got it, it took me a few days to figure it out. Using the S60 interface that is. Applications, settings and icons are all over the place! Unity and focus is sorely lacking! It takes an effort to learn to use the phone. And I need Google to check where to find certain settings. Argh.
Then there are the Nokia applications and services. Why on earth is every service and application limited to some weird set of specific phone models? Well other than apparently every single Nokia phone seems to have a different set of hardware and operating system features.
Compared to the iPod Touch (no phone), that I’ve used for over 6 months now, it seems Apple is 2-4 years ahead of the curve. And Nokia is standing still with S60.
Here’s what I want to see Nokia phones do:
  • Make one S60_3rd platform
    • If the phone is a S60_3rd, then EVERY service and application will have to work with it. None of this "this is just for E75." crap.
    • Tag the phone with the platform logo (make a nice logo for it)
  • HTML email
    • I couldn’t belive Nokia phones can’t handle this yet.
    • There is the service, but it’s: 1) a service you give your passwords to, and 2) you will have to pay for it! (I mean come on! For email? Really?)
  • A good browser
    • Using Safari on an iPod Touch is a fabulous experience. It is a really really good browser.
  • Better user interface
    • The interface needs some radical change to make it easier to use. The elements are there, but it’s currently a mess.
    • The separate applications are ok, but settings for the phone, SMS, and other core phone stuff needs more focus
  • Better standby screen
    • There is so much wasted space all around
    • Give developers access and provide good modules out-of-the-box.
  • Much better media management
    • The current way to manage music, photos and video is embarressing
    • I mean the media gallery app displays application icons… hello!
  • Much better network automation
    • Juggling WLAN and Access Point settings is a chore. And so unnecessary. Why does an application have to care what connection it has to use.
    • For several apps I need to change their settings to use them at home and at work.
    • And what’s with the four mobile connection settings? Sonera Internet, Sonera MMS, Sonera Streaming, Sonera WAP? I still don’t know when I’m supposed to use them.
  • Easier application installation
    • Why do I need to confirm so many dialog boxes etc.?
    • Just install it without all the fuss. Again, have a look at the iPhone.
    • Ovi Store isn’t too inviting and installing apps through it takes way too many clicks and login entries.

I doubt I’ll buy another Nokia phone, unless the platform gets much more attention. It looks like it hasn’t been updated in several years! My ancient Nokia 6600 is 6 years old and feels pretty much the same.

I hope the E71 will stay in the game for a few years, but based on past Nokia performance, my shiny E71 will be ancient technology next year with irrelevant updates and unsupported services… (I hope not, I hope not… but I fear it will…)

A few positive notes:
  • SportsTracker is really neat
  • At least some podcast support. (The media player doesn’t do bookmarks, which is sort of crucial for podcasts.)
  • Quickoffice is nice (but I got lucky and the full version was in the E71… only a few models have it)
  • Notepad sync is great (but iPod Touch just got that too)
  • Gmail app works pretty well (only text)
  • The device itself is solid, looks and feels good. Fun to use.

Photo Gallery at Picasa

I moved my Photo Gallery to Picasa. Hopefully I can settle on it.
(I was hitting the free limit of Flickr and the Spaces gallery seemed like a weird add-on)